Introduction to stage combat workshop October 2021

The word in about what workshops do you want to do largely seems to be “I’m not sure.”  So, let’s make it easier for you.  I’ll run an Introduction to Stage Combat Workshop on the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October so put the dates in your diary.  You’ll learn some basic sword techniques, footwork, safety and performance principles on Saturday.  On Sunday we’ll have “What do Tiggers like for breakfast?”  A chance to play with other weapons; see how what you learned on Saturday applies to those; learn non-sword weapons like knife and quarterstaff.  Then you’ll have a better idea of what appeals to you. 

Details aren’t finalised yet, but I will do so soon.  If you’re interested and you’re not already on the mailing list, please sign up and I’ll send you details as soon as I have them.