Autumn 2019 Courses – What do YOU want?

After two successful certification courses in Unarmed Combat and Broadsword this spring, I have a busy summer ahead including the British National Stage Combat Workshop in August so no courses over that period.

So, what to do in the Autumn?  I’m already getting enquiries about courses but what do YOU want? 

Certification courses – these last 3 weekends and culminate in a Fight Performance Test for certification with the BASSC

Introductory courses – these last 1 weekend and give you the fundamental techniques and general principles for safety and performance so you may not be an expert performer but at least have a good idea of how to wield your weapon, or fist, without killing your partner.

Our most popular weapons are unarmed, broadsword, sword & shield and rapier & dagger but there’s also the possibility of knife, quarterstaff and 18th century smallsword.

If you’re interested in any of the above go to the contact page and let me know what you’d like to do and I’ll send you information when dates and courses are confirmed.