Unarmed Combat Certification Course March 2019

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the most useful stage combat skill to learn is unarmed. Regardless of period, dramatic style, stage, TV, film, age or gender, someone, somewhere will have to give someone else a damn good smacking. There may even be punching, kicking, hair-pulling, head-smashing, strangling, falling down and rolling around on the floor. It could be comedy family fun or Fight Club brutal.

Want to be able to do that? Then this is the course for you. Five days of beating each other up (safely) but also making it look real through: intention, reactions, playing injury and vocalising pain. Make it work for an audience or camera, show your choices and give it rhythm and musicality. Finally, you will have the opportunity to do your Fight Performance Test for certification with the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat.  This is an industry recognised qualification.

No previous experience of stage combat is required.

You must attend all days to do the Fight Performance Test.

The test fee is included in the course price.


Saturday, 9th March, 9am – 6pm
Saturday, 16th March, 9am – 6pm
Sunday, 17th March, 1pm – 9pm
Saturday, 23rd March, 9am – 6pm
Sunday, 24th March, 1pm – 9pm

Venue: Broomhill Church of Scotland, 64-66 Randolph Road, Glasgow, G11 7JL

Fee: £300

For BASSC members/ SFS former certification students: £270.
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For further information contact:  janet@stagefightscotland.com