2018/2019 – news from Janet

2018 was a busy, busy year for me.  Alas, teaching had to take a back seat as being President of the BASSC is pretty time consuming but the Executive Committee is making big steps in looking at how the BASSC is organised and what it needs to grow and be successful in the future.  We’ve had the legally necessary: GDPR, our privacy policy; the organisational: reviewing our policies and procedures and associated guidelines to bring them up-to-date; the educational and fun: reviewing how we teach techniques and sharing and discussing the variations for different venues and styles.  All of the UK teachers had the opportunity to attend an amazing Fighting for Film workshop run by Richard Ryan, stunt co-ordinator on Vikings and films such as Troy and The Dark Knight.  This was at our national Workshop, the BNSCW and we had great fun being fighters and directing each other and viewing the results on video and considering how to improve the action.

On top of that I was co-ordinating the BASSC Teacher Training Programme.  This takes the best part of a year and is not for the faint-hearted.  The standards are high and I’m delighted that we now have two new Certified Teachers and another two finishing off their training.

So, with to-ing and fro-ing to London at weekends the Stage Fight Scotland semi-intensive workshops became impossible but, I’m back!

I ran a sword and shield semi-intensive in October as a certification course but with a definite focus on the differences for Fighting for Film from stage work.  Mostly aimed at supporting artists wanting to acquire action skills for film work, they discovered just how much there was to learn and how hard it is to acquire those skills but, pain aside, everyone passed their fight performance test and the plan for 2019 is to run another.  The question is: Broadsword or Sword and Shield?  There will also be the long-awaited unarmed FPT course which I’ve been promising for a while.  These are scheduled for March and April and details will go up on the website and Facebook Page shortly.

Just after Christmas I’ll be off to Banff, Alberta next to the Rocky Mountains to teach at the Paddy Crean Workshop.  I attended as a student two years ago and was delighted to be invited back to teach.  There’s a huge variety of classes from teachers working in performance, stunts, martial arts and Historical European Martial Arts.  So much to learn from these amazing teachers.

In the New Year, I’ll be back in my regular slot as combat coach at Acting Coach Scotland drama studio in Glasgow introducing the 2019 intake to the joys of fighting on stage and then we’ll see what else 2019 has in store.  I hope to see you in class sometime.

Happy Fighting!