Rapier & Dagger Intensive Certification Course – Glasgow

Stage combat is an essential part of an actor’s toolbox – over the course of an acting career most, if not all performers will be called upon at some point to perform a fight or an act of violence.  The ability to enact a violent encounter in a way that is convincing to an audience, appropriate to the style of the production and its characters and, most importantly, safe for all the performers, is an important skill for actors.

Rapier & dagger is the fundamental sword discipline as its techniques can be applied to all other weapon systems.  This course will cover all the essential rapier and dagger techniques, their safety principles and how to perform them so they are believable to an audience.

It is suitable for complete beginners and for those looking to improve their sword fighting skills for film and theatre.

This intensive course is run over six days and students will spend the first part of the course working on mastering the techniques and then move on to studying the choreography for the Fight Performance Test.  The fight choreography is incorporated into a dramatic scene and there will be focus on “acting the fight” – the physical story-telling in a fight choreography, responding to what is happening in the moment as truthfully as possible, expressing the character’s thoughts and intentions, allowing the audience to follow the story and get involved emotionally in the action.

On the final day of the course you will have the opportunity to perform the fight choreography with a partner within a dramatic scene with dialogue for the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat Fight Performance Test.  The course is accredited for certification in rapier & dagger with the BASSC.  This is an industry recognised qualification.

The test fee is included in the course price. You must attend all days to do the Fight Performance Test.
No previous experience of stage combat is required.

Dates: Monday 31st July to Saturday 5th August

Time: 9.00am – 6pm

Venue: Broomhill Church of Scotland, 64-66 Randolph Road, Glasgow, G11 7JL

Standard Fee:  £335

BASSC Member / previous students of SFS certification courses fee: £300

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